Aerial Drone Services
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Life is magical, let’s capture it. Our innovative aerial platform allows us the freedom to film any location, at any time and in stunning 4K high-resolution video. You’ve never seen your world quite like this! Orama makes the beautiful, exquisite.

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More Color. More Detail. More You.

Capturing stunning 4K footage translates to a massive improvement over current 1080p high definition content in every way. A larger canvas allows for more detail, brighter and more brilliant colors and a more true to life field of view, not to mention future proofing your projects for years to come.

4K ULTRA HD VIDEO at 24/30fps

Next Generation Fly Anywhere Aerial Platform

Stunningly Cinematic Footage


Welcome to a future free from the shackles of gravity. Capturing the impossible, filming the difficult and exploring the unknown is at the very core of Orama Designs. The combination of next generation optics and satellite guided drones enables Orama to capture your subject in full 3 dimensional brilliance.

Wohler Bridge
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Infinite Perspective

360 Degree Object Capture

Next Generation Aerial Optics

Every Angle. Every Side. Immersion Capture.

We take great pleasure in redefined what’s possible. Aerial drone photography allows for near infinite camera angles and the spacial freedom to capture an object over time, altitude and distance. Combining the stability of our state of the art drones with next generation optics, creates unparalleled visual results for our clients.


The devil might be in the details and that’s ok, we love a challenge. Capturing usable commercial grade data for a variety of industries highlights Orama’s singular focus – helping our client excel.

Actionable Data

A revolutionary new way to see. Ground breaking technologies like orthomosaic, terrain modeling and NDVI analysis are providing actionable datasets that are rewriting the way industries conduct business.

3D Model
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Ultra High Detail Imagery
High Resolution Imaging
Topographic Modeling
Topographic Modeling
NDVI Analysis
NDVI Analysis
3D Modeling
Custom 3D Modeling
The wait is over. Let’s take your project from wonderful to magical? It’s time to bring it to life.